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Secrets Sharing Made Quick, Secure, and Simple

Send a Secret Securely

No sign-up needed, Send is free to use! Enter your secret and generate a secure link that disappears in 24-hours. Everything is encrypted client-side, Devolutions can never see your data. Stop passing sensitive notes and sharing passwords in chat, send a secure link instead!

Send Capsule
Send Capsule Send Capsule

Secure Features


Don’t leave secure data lying around; encrypted messages securely vanish after 24 hours.

In-Browser Encrypted

Devolutions can never see your secret. Only you and your recipient can do so for the lifetime of the link. Sharing from Devolutions Server or Hub to another Devolutions Account? Not even you can read it, just the recipient.

Protect with Passphrase

Add an extra security layer with a passphrase to share with your recipient. Protect against link resharing and ensure only those with the passphrase can access it.

Learn the Tech Behind Devolutions Send


Based on the open-source Devolutions Crypto library, the standalone encryption algorithm uses XChaCha20Poly1305 with random nonces.


GUID (UUID) v4 is used for link uniqueness only.

Memory Safe

Encryption runs in-browser via a memory-safe Rust program compiled to WASM (WebAssembly).

Strong Cipher Set

Payloads are stored encrypted at rest and in transit with TLS1.2+ through a strong cipher set.

Using Devolutions Hub?

Devolutions Send is built-in! Send the password through in-app secure messaging or email external contacts directly from an entry. Create a shareable link to send secrets outside your organization securely.

Coming soon in Devolutions Server!

Devolutions Server

Devolutions Server is your on-premise advanced data source for RDM, increasing your IT team’s productivity.

  • Team Account Credential Management
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Detailed Reporting and Auditing
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